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Annie Palmer, The "White Witch" of Jamaica

Part One: Annie Goes Native

Annie Palmer A.K.A. the "White Witch of Jamaica" did not earn the title due to any goodness on her part. Unlike "Glinda of OZ", Annie of Rose Hall was infamous for her extraordinary cruelty and wickedness. The absolute tawdry evil that describes her true life story, reads more like a work of horror fiction, gleaned from the imagination of Anne Rice, than anything biographical. I must assure you though, that this woman is not a character of fiction scribed from the nightmares of great horror fiction writers. The Lady Palmer was a very real, and a very naughty woman indeed.

In 1820, a French born white woman sailed from her beloved France in order to cash in on her meal ticket to prosperity, and live on the lush paradise island of Jamaica. Her name was Annie, and the ticket she was cashing in on was in the form of a marriage to John Palmer, the very wealthy and powerful Master of a great house known as Rose Hall. Palmer inherited the beautifull Georgian structure from his parents who built it in the late 1700's, and along with the house came a vast sugar plantation nestled in the picturesque hills of Montego Bay.

Unfortunately for Master Palmer, neither the sultry island air, fragrant with jasmin and bell flower, nor the decadent trappings of wealth that surrounded him, could ever satisfy Annie. She never stopped pining for the glamour and excitement of her most beloved city Paris. This undoubtedly fueled her notoriously nasty disposition, and ultimately lead to the violent demise of her marriage to Palmer.

Little is known of her first husband, except that she murdered the poor man in his bed. Why, we can only guess, perhaps she was merely bored. We do know that Annie had some very strange predilections when it came to entertainment, and I certainly pity the poor fools who gave Annie cause to yawn.

Unbelievably, she did manage to marry two more times, and with the same murderous results. It's probable that her true matrimonial intent, was to amass these poor unfortunate souls (suckers) fortunes, for there appeared to be no room in Annie's small black heart for any real romance. This means her betrothed, were either complete jack-asses, or not from around her particular neck of the hemisphere. At least one would hope, that had they been acquainted with Mrs. Palmer's nefarious reputation as one bad "Mama-jama", they would not have been so reckless as to fall into the deadly embrace of le petit arachnid blanche. Of course, there will always be dare-devils, who swoon in the face of danger and can never resist impossible challenges, or as I like to call them,"morons".

Annie also enjoyed taking her male slaves to bed. She was an insatiable fiend with no regard for human life, and she murdered them within days of bedding them. She had many male slaves for this grotesque game of "cat and mouse" and it played for years. To Annie slaves, as well as husbands and lovers were not only replaceable playthings, but disposable as well.

Annie would start her day by standing outside on a small balcony overlooking her property and issuing orders for the day's work. This often included punishments, or even executions as Mistress Palmer was easily slighted, and indolence could be a death sentence if the mood struck her.

Often it did.

Tiny though she was, at barely four feet tall, this despotic nightmare in size four shoes, ruled the slave occupants of Rose Hall and its surrounding acres with a cruel iron fist, driving the terror home with the use of her slave's very own religious practice of voodoo.

The slaves, ironically to keep on her good side (of which there was none), taught her everything they knew about voodoo spells and ritual sacrifices. Being akin to the devil himself, she took an inhuman delight in the pain and suffering of others, and regularly used the baby's of her petrified slaves for her evil sacrifices.

Voodoo lent Annie a real sense of authority, and security. As a white woman alone, in an area of the world that was teeming with pirates and outlaws, it was an especially effective way, to keep these superstitious thieves and ruffians, who (oddly enough) had a great respect for the mysterious arts of magic and voodoo, at bay. Annie played that image up to the hilt, and managed to cultivate an awesome reputation as a powerful black magic witch, who was not one to be trifled with. This frightening image served her very well.

For a while...

Part Two: Annie Gets Dessert

The breaking point did finally come ( although with tragic consequences) for her long suffering slaves. This particular "last straw" came in the form of her overseer, who's daughter was in love, and planning to marry a very comely plantation slave. Unfortunately for the young man, he was just the kind of eye candy Annie was sweet on. So it didn't take long for the night to come, that from her bed, "sweet tooth" aching, Annie sent for her favorite night time snack, sealing the poor boy's fate.

The overseer, being a rather powerful practitioner of voodoo himself, set out to aide the terrified youth with voodoo magic, in order to spare him from the carnally charged death that the lady had in store. He dug a grave for her and started to work on the spells and rituals meant to put Annie and her bad mojo to "bed", permanently.

Alas, Annie inexplicably chose not to follow her usual form with the doomed man, and she killed him that very evening, putting an immediate halt to any plans the overseer had of saving the beautiful young man.

The overseer, distraught by his daughter's grief, and enraged by his inability to save his intended son in law, did the unthinkable. He crossed over the forbidden threshold of the great houses front entryway, and adrenaline pumping, he charged up the stairs, and into the startled witches private chamber. There, he engaged his evil mistress in a ferocious battle of black voodoo magic, and physical savagery!

The house slaves could hear the furious shrieks of pain and anger through the closed doors of the bedchamber, but no one dared to open them until at last, silence had fallen. Sadly, they found that the overseer had not survived the ordeal.

Neither had Annie.

In 1833, Annie Palmer, notorious voodoo witch and serial killer, was found dead in the same bedchamber that she had wantonly taken the lives of so many...

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