Friday, March 10, 2006

Ghost busting Equipment, ooh, the fun toys…

EMF Detectors: Electromagnetic field detectors are used for detecting a magnetic field where there shouldn’t be one; a paranormal electromagnetic field as it were. EMF readings of 2 to 7 milligauss may be indicative of ghostly activity. TVs, computers and other electrical devices can give off a strong EMF so can power lines. You will need to record a control sweep of the place before continuing with your investigation.

Infrared Thermometers: To gage sudden drops of temperature or to find “cold spots”.

Motion sensors: To detect unseen movement. This is a great tool to use in a room that no one is in along with a video camera.

EVP Equipment: To record the voices of spirits. It is best to have one with an external microphone, as recorders with internal microphones may also be recording the sound of the gears moving in the recorder itself.

Two-way radio: So you can communicate with your crew readily.

Flashlights: Duh, to see in the dark silly. But really there are some flashlights that are preferable like a million candle flashlight to check the air for moisture before you take a picture. Also there are tight beam or colored lenses so as not to disturb any night vision equipment you may be using.

Camera & Camera Stuff: Digital or film If using film it is preferred by most investigators to use 400 speed.

Dowsing Rods: To detect energy anomalies. Use 2 L shaped rods made from brass or copper another lightweight metal, holding the short end of the L rod loosely one in each hand, so that the longer piece points outward, away from your body and has room to pivot easily back and forth.

You are now ready to start dowsing for ghosts or other energy anomalies. Concentrate on what you are looking for and follow the direction the rods are leading you. They will point you in the direction of whatever energy they detect. You’ll know when you’ve found the energy source when the 2 rods cross each other.

Smudging: Burning dried herbs such white sage along with prayer are used by some investigators to clear/cleanse negative energy from a room after an investigation is over.

Native Americans shamans have been smudging in spiritual rituals for centuries.
The theory is that the smoke neutralizes the negative energy and as the smoke clears it leaving the room cleared of negative energy and regenerated with purified/positive energy.

Light a smudge stick (or loose leaf), blow on or fan the flame with your hand or an eagle feather. Allow the herb to smolder, allowing the smoke to swirl in the air. Move about the room fanning the smoke and giving prayer for clearance and protection, paying special attention to the corners of the room as well as the windows and doorway corners.

You can also smudge yourself or others by fanning the smoke all over your aura from toe to head.

Other herbs used for smudging include:
· Sage / White Sage
· Cedar / Pine
· Lavender
· Sweet Grass
· Mugwort
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