Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Haunted places open to public investigation: Rose Hall walking tours

Jamaica is one of the most incredibly beautiful places I’ve ever been. The water is a gorgeous shade of aquamarine, the hillsides are of the most, lush greens you’ll ever find, and the people are absolutely stunning as well.

That being said, understand that the poverty is every bit as stunning, and the juxtaposition of the extremely wealthy and the extremely poor is shocking to say the least. Prepare yourself for this disparity, if you are at all inclined to bouts of depression, due to being faced with the suffering of others.

If not, carry on your merry way, and enjoy the glorious Beauty, the fantastic golfing, snorkeling and site seeing. And dont forget the Planters punch! One should always sample the local fare, and Rum is one of its most important exports, along with bananas, alumina, bauxite, sugar, and coffee.

If you’re interested in the sordid history of Annie Palmer the “White Witch” of Jamaica, Rose Hall and its spectacular grounds and old slave quarters, are open to the public regularly for walking tours. Be sure to visit the gift shop located in the dungeon, where Annie (nasty thing) spent her time in depredation, torturing her unfortunate slaves.

Some say, Annie’s wicked spirit never left Rose Hall. They say she is up to her old tricks, haunting the great house and grounds, and spooking the begeezus out of the poor staff and unwitting visitors.

If your looking for haunted places open to public investigation, add this one to your list of exotics, it’s an absolute treasure.

Be sure to bring your camera, many guests have captured mysterious anomalies in the great house on film (or digital), especially in the pint sized she-devil's bedroom mirror.

The vain little brute...

Rose Hall Montego Bay, Jamaica
· Tel: 876-953-2323

Some facts about Jamaica:
Caribbean island: 600 miles south of Florida
Population: 2.5 million
Language: English (with a little extra flair)
146 miles long.
22 to 55 miles wide.
average annual rainfall around 230" to 300"
July to September hot months.
Winter is the busy season for travel to Jamaica *busy means more expensive too*
Make your reservations 2 or 3 months in advance.

* has the lowest CRUISE prices, GUARANTEED*

As far as hurricane season, here is a little ditty to remember:
June too soon
July standby
August come it must
September remember
October all over

Ire, words to fly (or cruise) by...

For a brief history on the nefarious "White Witch" of Jamaica, check out the previous post.

Coming Soon: Food facts from Jamaica, and tastey meal recomendations.
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