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Correct Way To Use The Ouija Board (Or Not)

The first recorded usage of a tool like the "Ouija Board" was about 540 B.C..
It is a genuinely ancient and universal tool used for spirit communication.

In France, a spiritualist named M. Planchette invented the version most similar to the one manufactured by Parker Brothers.

The version used today was invented and patented in 1892 by Elijah J. Bond who sold it a year later to William Fuld who started the Baltimore Talking Board Company and sold them as the "Oriole Talking board".

In 1966 Parker Brothers purchased the rights and the rest is history.

The reason it ever became designated a "game" by the way is that in 1920, when it was still sold by the Baltimore Talking Board Company the Internal Revenue Service contended that it was such in order to collect taxes on it.

The Baltimore Talking Board Co. always maintained that it was not a game, but rather an amateur mediums tool.

Sly buggers the I.R.S. eh?

A couple of ouija boards stories

The Twins
Early on in my grandmother’s third pregnancy in 1951, she and my great grandma, thought it might be fun to use an old ouija board, to ask if she would give birth to a boy or a girl.

The planchette moved around aimlessly for a short time, until it finally began to spell something out. T-W-I-N-S. They asked it several more times if she would have a boy or a girl, it never would specify the gender, instead, it kept insisting T-W-I-N-S.

Eight months later, my twin uncles were born.

My great grandma never went near another ouiia board again. They gave her “the willies” she said, showing me the goose-bump’s on her arm to prove it. Then she told me that she’d always thought of the ouija board as a silly kids game…well…until of course the boys were born.


A word of caution
There is documentation of people messing with the ouija board or with automatic writing who have had severe problems afterwards. Whether or not it was "only in their mind" (perhaps especially) it is clearly not a toy.

The idea of contacting a friendly spirit can be very seductive for many people, and this is where the danger begins, starting with the obsession; you are feeling special now that you have a spirit friend willing to tell you things that you otherwise would not know. You start to ask more questions, maybe you just want more proof that this is real or maybe you are getting a rush now when you chat it up with your “pet” ghost.

It used to be once a month or once a week (just as a goof) that you would “play” with it, but nary a day goes by now that you don’t consult with the dang thing. By now you’ve started to alienate your friends, and the things it tells you may not be true anymore, the words of encouragement have become cruel jabs at your intelligence and you find that you cant sleep at night.

Sometimes you don’t even feel like you anymore. You pass someone you know on the street and they say hello; but it takes you moments to long to even respond, you feel like you’re a few feet behind your own body and getting back into it feels like moving through molasses. What the heck is happening you wonder, am I me anymore? Yes, you’re you, you plus one. But who is that “one”?

The possession begins…


How Does it Work?
There are plenty of theories as to how automatic writing, channeling or ouija boards work. Some psychologists believe it is a merely a muscle reflex that makes your hand automatically move and your subconscious mind is what controls the words that are spelled out and that this accounts for the accuracy of ouija boards. (Although they often are far from accurate)

There is also a school of thought that we all have two distinct personalities, a conscious one, and a subconscious one. So when a subject is in the act of channeling or auto-writing, it is the subconscious taking command over the writing. Perhaps this is true in some circumstances, I can only tell you how I felt at the time of my experiences, and I strongly have felt that it was something distinctly “not me”.

And what of the countless recorded instances of the planchette moving on its own without a single finger on it, or the future predictions that come true, or the past information that no one at the table had any previous knowledge of, and had to be researched in great depth to uncover whether it was fact or fiction?

So just how does it work? I don’t really know, and there are to many theories at this point for anyone to know definitively.


How Do You Use A Ouija Board?
Two or more people are recommended for using the Ouija board. I find that 2 people on the planchette at a time and one sitting by to record messages works very well. Some prefer to use a ouija board solo, But I don't recomend it.

  • Form a circle around the board
  • Link hands left on top of right
  • Say a prayer of protection
  • Place 2 fingers of each person upon the planchette
  • Ask questions
  • Don’t ask questions to things you don’t treally want the answers to.
  • Make sure only one person asks questions at a time which avoids confusion
  • Don’t ask for a "sign" that the spirit is really there, you may not appreciate what that “sign” could be!
  • If it isn’t working remove and or replace participants.
  • The planchette may start by rotating around the board as if the spirit is trying to gain their bearings.
  • If you do not understand message ask spirit to repeat it or ask more clearly defined questions, they may not understand you either.
  • If a spirit points to "good bye" or otherwise indicates that it wants you to bug off, let it go, don’t try to bully it into staying (that would be rude).
  • If you want to finish the seance place the planchette on "Good Bye" and say that you are now leaving. All participants should remove their fingers from the planchette and off the board, put it away now.


    Things to take into account
    Spirits are just like you and me (except for the dead part),in that there are many different personallity types and varrying degrees of intelligence, talent and ability to spell.

    Be aware that it requires a lot of energy on from both the spirit and the living to communicate with each other. If you or the spirit should become tired (or bored) and just stop before someone falls asleep or gets cranky.

    If a nasty spirit shows up, cut off communicating with it immediately and stop the séance. Never reward a creepy spirit by giving them any airtime. There are plenty of good spirits to spend your time communing with, it is a terrible waste to spend any with a degenerate or a liar.

    Remember, if you wouldn’t hang out with them if they were still breathing, why would you now that they are not?

    Even if the spirit seems a likable fellow exercise caution, don't count on the accuracy of ouija board, and don't believe everything it tells you. Remember what you're mom always told you “don’t take candy from strangers” you may not be communicating with who you think you are so buyer, beware!


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