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Types of candles in Wicca:

Whether the shape of the candle is long and tapered, short and fat, or made from bees wax and shaped like a plump little "goddess", the most important thing in Wicca about candles used for spells and rituals, is the color. The belief being, that each color emits a vibration of its own that attract certain influences from the cosmos.

Wiccans believe that the candles absorb the workers personal energy, and that they release this energy when burned.
If this is true, perhaps it isn't surprising that many of the color values in Wicca, correlate with the attributes given to the colorful energy fields of auras and chakras.

Eight Sabbats Mark The Seasons Of The Year

Here are some of the different color values assigned for Sabbats, days of the week, and even astrology signs:

Brigid: (Imbolic) Candle-mass February 2, Goddess Brigid, the patron saint of poetry, healing, and metal-smiths.

Ostara: (Spring Equinox) March 21rst

Beltane: (Mayday) celebration of love (wink-wink, say no more)

Litha: (Summer Solstice or Midsummer) June 21rst

Lammas: (Lughnasadh) August 1rst

Mabon: (Fall Equinox) September 21rst

Samhain: (sow' en) Halloween time/ November 1rst, traditional pagan new year.

Yule: (Winter solstice) near December 21rst


Brigid: Brown, pink, Red

Ostara: Yellow, green, gold

Beltane: Red, Dark green

Litha: Green, blue

Lammas: Yellow, orange

Mabon: Orange, yellow, brown

Samhain: Orange, black,

Yule: Red, green, white


Aquarius-Air sign: (January 20 - February 18) Light Blue, Pale Yellow, silver, pink

Pisces-Water sign: (February 19 - March 20) Aquamarine, gray, white, purple

Aries-Fire sign: (March 21 - April 19) Red

Taurus-Earth sign: (April 20 - May 20) Green, brown

Gemini-Air sign: (May 21 - June 21) Yellow, Orange

Cancer-Water sign: (June 22 - July 22) White, Dark Green, blue

Leo-Fire sign: (July 23 - August 22) Gold, orange, Yellow

Virgo-Earth sign: (August 23 - September 22) black, brown, gray, Marbled

Libra-Air sign: (September 23 - October 22) Royal Blue

Scorpio-Water sign: (October 23 - November 21) Black, Red, purple, brown

Sagittarius-Fire sign: (Nov. 22 - December 21) Dark Blue, Purple, red, yellow, orange

Capricorn-Earth sign: (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Black or Dark Brown


Sunday: Yellow

Monday: White

Tuesday: Red

Wednesday: Purple

Thursday: Blue

Friday: Green

Saturday: Black


The Meaning of Candle Colors in Wicca

White: Spiritual development, higher self, clairvoyance, strength and enlightenment, cleansing and healing, truth seeking, confidence, sincerity, meditation, divination, peace, goddess, virginity, purity, purification, exorcism, protection. Also used in lunar energy rituals and consecration rituals. As a full spectrum color, it may be used to substitute any of the other colors.

Yellow: Creativity, intelligence, unity, activity, charm, attraction, persuasiveness, confidence, memory, logic, divination, study, success, communicating, clarity of thinking, remembering those who have passed on, self promotion, quick learning, spiritual power through imagination and concentration, decision making, draws happiness and clears away depression, solar energy rituals.

Gold: Wealth, understanding, happiness, winning, success, luck, wishes, playfulness, humor, safety, male energy. Relates to the Sun and is used in rituals to harness solar energy, and for honoring solar deities and the God. May be represented by Orange or Yellow.

Pink: Love, self love, respect, romance, affection, friendship, femininity, good will, gentleness, tenderness, attraction, success, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, charm, nurturing, emotional healing, healing from trauma, honor, morality, heals evil and hatred from the heart.

Red: Fertility, Sexual passion, aphrodisiac, lust, vibrant health, passion, love, strength, courage, will power; physical strength, anger, revenge, survival, magnetism, driving force, protection, exorcism, energy, career goals enthusiasm, uses energy from Aries and Scorpio for Fertility rites, fire element, conquers fear, strength in battle, heals anemia or blood loss due to wounding, builds strength, heals fatigue. Blood of the moon, energy from Mars and the west.

Gray: Neutral energy, good for working out complex (fence sitting) situations during meditation, may cause cause confusion in spells, negates or neutralizes unpleasant influences like stress, negativity, guilt, mistakes. Cleanse unwanted negative energies or reverse bad luck. Used in exorcisms. Silver gray used in karma and pastlife work, eases guilt. Used for Moon rituals. Can represent silver.

Silver: Develops psychic abilities, removes negativity, increases stability, intuition, clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychometry, telepathy, communication, meditation, dreams, flexibility, secrets, female energy, the Mother Goddess, female health issues, fertility, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause, lunar energy, astral energy. The color of the moon, gray may be used to represent it.

Purple:Wisdom, dignity, success,rituals for ambition,independence,
financial gains, spiritual &psychic power, contact with spirits, driving evil away, break bad habbits, find out hidden meaning & knowlegde, changing bad luck, influence people in high positions, government, victory in court, negativity repelent, healing power,protection of household, neptune energy.Very powerful combination of blue and red.

Indigo:Spiritual guidance,deep meditation, psychic ability, stops lies & gossip from spreading, dignity, divination, ambition, overcoming depression, stops bad situations and people. used in rituals for deep meditation inner eye work, Saturn energy.

Violet:Insight, spiritual clarity, higher self, spirituality, connection to the Goddess, relieves tension.

Magenta: Combines red and violet for a high frequency energy that energizes. Rituals for high level spiritual healing and fast results.

Lavender: Intuition, knowledge.

Blue:Communication, focus, forgiveness, good fortune, weight loss, fidelity, patience, organization, removes bad vibrations or frenetic energy, sincerity, rituals for inner guidence, truth, wisdom, peace & harmony. honor, Loyalty, Peace, Tranquility, Protection during sleep, Astral projection & travel, prophetic dreaming, Good luck, Spiritual inspiration, Calm, Reassurance, Gently moving, Element of water, Creativity, Change, Flexibility, Healing, subconscious mind, psychic ability, justice, meditation, kindness, quiets excess energy, relieves insomnia from worry and stress, Goddess energy. It can be associated with both the elements of Water or Air. inflence court cases, home blessing, rituals for Mercury, Jupiter, South or East.

Royal Blue: Loyalty (true blue) Jupiter energy, used to increase influence. Brings element of fun & laughter.

Light blue: Tranquility, spirituality, protection, peace.

Green: Ambition, prosperity, success, fertility, rejuvinates, harmony, physical healing, abundance, plant magic, growth, personal goals, employment, creative ideas, rewards, healing eye problems, healing after childbirth. Used in rituals for good luck and to conteract jealousy and greed. Also for Venus, Mother Earth, and north rituals.

Emerald Green: Fertility, love attraction, Used in Venus rituals. .

Dark Green: Blind ambition, jealousy, & greed; used in rituals for counteracting these unatractive influences.

Orange: Business and career goals, ambition, property deals, adaptability, success, justice in legal matters, selling, action, attraction, control, stimulation, gives healing energy, confidence, hopefulness, mental clarity, joy and happiness, luck, break out of ruts, used in rituals for the Sun and Mars. Can be used to represent gold.

Brown: Earth, soil, grounding, herbs, planting, tree bark, growth, animal magic, house pets (including familiars), friendship, influence, telepathy, find lost things, balance, stability, study, fertility, concentration, home, decisiveness, thrift, work, control,success in business, long term goals, determination, rituals for Saturn and North. Used to heal bones, teeth and recuperation from chronic illness.

Black: Opens deep unconscious realities in meditation, banishes evil and negative energies, used in uncrossing rituals, absorbs and destroys evil, Heals severe disease, attracts Saturn energy. Meditation rituals, Hexwork, sends away evil entities, Protection, Repels negativity, Binds, shape-shifting, transformation, used to replace other energies by voiding them out,
represents rich fertile soil, mystery, secrets, releasing energy, clearing away blocks and old unwanted patterns of the past, understanding your karma. Used in Saturn Pluto and North rituals.

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