Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Demon

Have you ever seen the black sand beach of Maui, Hawaii?
The way it shimmers like a zillion tiny stars on the deep coal blackness of the volcanic sand?
This is how the "being" I saw appeared to me, after first showing itself in the near perfect form of my darling grandmother.

One night, while visiting my grandmother from another state, I was sharing the master bed with her, since my grandpa was ill and sleeping in the spare room.

Grandma had been asleep for a couple of hours on her side of the bed, while I had been reading on the other side. I had just turned off the reading lamp and lay back down, I turned on my side to get more comfortable when I noticed that my grandmother was sitting up in bed looking at me.

No, not just looking at me... she was glaring at me!

I started to apologize for waking her up, though I was puzzled by her attitude, (my grandma was always a doll to me) but before I could get the words out her expression became the most hideous countenance I had ever seen!

My blood literally ran cold, and my teeth began to chatter (I am not kidding) while I observed (frozen by fear) this thing shift from the sweet familiar form of my loving grandmother, into a tremulous obsidian humanoid nightmare that electrified the air with its maleficence.

It's black saphire eyes glistened at me coldly with malicious intent.

Time seemed to suspend itself in honor of the horror I was witnessing, and we stared at one another for what in real time probably amounted to only a few moments.

Then just as suddenly as the thing appeared, it began disintegrating like the fine black sand of Maui, straining through an hourglass onto the small figure laying in its stead.

Gently snoring...

spiritual reunions

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