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Modern Psychic Research

I'm always fasinated by the research done in the name of science on the subject of paranormal and psychic experiences.
Here's another artical on the past and present study on this endlessly fascinating genre of research.

What Has It Discovered?
by Brian Alan Burhoe

In 1882, the Society For Psychical Research, with such members as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, began modern Psychic Reasearch. What are the discoveries of Psychic Research?
"Millions of surfers are checking horoscopes, getting tarot readings and consulting with psychics on a daily basis. It's a PSYCHIC REVOLUTION!" -Psychic Revenue.
The critical study of paranormal powers and events must be as old as those paranormal occurences themselves.
In the Medieval Age, Alchemy and Astrology were accomplished sciences. The Order of Knights Templar would fall out of favor with the established Church because of their research into occultic lore.
In more modern times, the writings of Nostradamus and Swedenborg caused sensation and brought about reasoned, critical studies from their peers.
But it wasn't until 1882, with the founding of the Society For Psychical Research (SPR) that the scientific method was formally brought to bear on psychic phenomena. It was followed quickly with an American branch. With members such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and William James, the study of psychics, Spiritualism ("The strangest of the marvels we are investigating.") and other mysteries of the Victorian Age had begun.
SPR critically studied the Italian medium Eusapia Palladino, who was astounding witnesses with the accuracy of her seances. But it was the occurances of physical psychokinetic phenomena that amazed the researchers. Not only would the chair Palladino was seated in (sometimes tied in by researchers) move about, but tables, sofas and other things would move about the room. The French astronomer and psychic researcher Camille Flammarion reported: "The sofa came forward when she looked at it, then recoiled before her breath; all the instruments were thrown pell-mell upon the table; the cushions took part in the sport, overturning everything..." Researchers concluded that the cause of this poltergeist activity was associated with her tragic childhood: her mother had died giving birth to her and her father was murdered when she was 12.
With the 20th Century, the study of psychic phenomena increased. Various studies of dreams began -- from the collecting of prophetic dreams to the interpretation of dream meaning by Freud, Jung and other dream theorists. Dream labs became common in various Universities.
Psychic research expanded. Some of the best work was done at the Parapsychology Laboratory at Duke University in North Carolina. Starting with experiments in telepathy and claivoyance, it extended its research to precognition and psychokinesis. More research was begun worldwide -- Canada, France, the Netherlands, Germany and more.
In 1970, the publication of PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN hit like a bombshell. The Los Angeles Times called it: "The most important book about ESP research and the validity of the occult tradition yet to appear." The book gave whole new phrases to psychic research: Wolf Messing, Cosmic Biology, Amping-up Psychic Ability, Artificial Reicarnation, Kirlian Photography, the Bioplasmic Body, Acupuncture, ESP-ionage, Suggestology, Psychotronics, Pyramid power and others. It was as if a powerful genie had been let out of a secret bottle.
The New Age had arrived.
"Psychic research" had given way to "Psychic discoveries." The Psychic Revolution had begun.
Today the Psychic Revolution is all around us -- on the World Wide Web. Online psychic readings. In-depth personalized horoscopes. Tarot readings. Dream analysis. Biorhythms. Past Lives. Holistic healing. Rediscovery of the Goddess and Feminine Wisdom. Online psychic chatrooms. Online Dream Forums. Bringing together genuine Psychics for Live Readings. The phenomenal PSYCHIC WEB, which has not only discovered some of the best and most sensitive psychics in the world, but is giving people a chance to see them live, online. It's all on the Web and it's happened almost beyond the ken of many.
To Learn more about modern Psychic Research, see the PSYCHIC CHAT NETWORK -- you can meet and "talk psychic" and it's free.
It's truly a Psychic Revolution and it's happening now, all around us.
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