Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The sillier side of Ghost Hunting

What is It?

In paranormal studies there is one thing you really can’t miss - Ghosts! In this article we are going to discuss about Ghost hunters and the technology they use. No! Unlike the name suggests, they are not ghost killers or vampire slayers. It’s a misconception produced by films like “The Ghost Busters”. Ghost hunters are people that try to shoot ghosts (with a camera) and catch them (on tapes).

Getting them on it:

Ghost hunting is the art or technique of catching ghosts on film or audio tape (EVP), these evp and ghost videos serve as excellent proof of existence of these paranormal elements.

Spooky Snaps:

Ghosts can be caught on film even by a simple disposable camera. One more method is by normal or digital paranormal infrared photography. In this method of imaging an ordinary camera is fitted with infrared filters, which keeps out the visible light and let in infrared light. The image is caught on special infrared film. When a digital camera is used instead of an ordinary camera it is known as digital paranormal infrared photography.

Spooky Sounds:

Ghost voices or sounds are recorded in audio format using two methods: EVP and CEVP. EVP is an acronym of “Electronic Voice Phenomena”. It refers to weird, strange and unexpected noise recorded on any recording device especially on a ghost hunt that tends to freak out people. While some skeptics discount these as inference of radio or TV frequency with the device, some these recordings are really convincing. Most of the times the voices are not heard during the recording but are heard during playback. Usually the voices heard are quiet and incomprehensible (infrasonic). A newbie will probably think of these as creepy background noises. These are often short and contain a few words or a sentence. Paranormal researchers believe that the messages are telekinetically impressed on the recording media. Sometimes playing the recording in the reverse direction can reveal a hidden message.

These sounds can be recorded by using any audio recording instruments. There are reports of psychics being able to hear evps of ghosts on the telephone too. A simple tape recorder with an external microphone can produce excellent results. There is no need for other expensive electronic voice phenomena devices. However an internal microphone is not recommended since it picks up the noise of the recorder's gears and motors.

Another method is CEVP. err friends, I am sorry, there is no method called CEVP, …I lied. CVEP simply means creepy electronic voice phenomena.

Methods Of Detection:

You can’t get the spooks on film without knowing their presence. There are two ways of doing this: 1) EMF fluctuation. 2) Intuition.

1) EMF Fluctuation:
Ghosts generally tend to distort the electro magnetic field around them and this can be used to detect them. Cheap experimental paranormal emf meters are enough for the purpose. But care is taken to ensure that fluctuation is not dues to power cables either above or under the ground or by stray radio frequency.

2) Intuition:

For a psychic it is possible to detect the presence of a ghost with his or her sixth sense. General indications are hot or cold areas, a feeling of heaviness or a strong smell.

However smell can means something else too:
Troy Taylor is a super cool ghost hunter and founder of the American Ghost Society. Once he reported a strong odor of peppermint along a road near the Civil War battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Only later did he learn that locals had used cartloads of peppermint and vanilla to hide the stench of rotting corpses on the battlefield.

There may be other indications like light orbs, touch, etc. or just a gut feeling.

Now we conclude this article with some extra information for all you budding hunters and wannabes,

Stuff Used For Ghost Hunting:

The things generally needed on a ghost-hunting trip depend on the type of ghost hunter you are.

Beginners or people who can’t afford expensive stuff can manage with a camera, a notepad, a flashlight with spare batteries, a pen and a strong heart (most important). For a beginner it is better to watch and learn. So go and see those ghost and spirit hunters hunting around for the spooky grail.

Here a list of stuff that “Advanced hunters” usually carry.

ü Flash lights
ü Notepad
ü Pen
ü First Aid Kit
ü Digital Camera
ü Tapes with high grade external microphones
ü EMF Detector
ü Motion detector cameras.
ü Thermal Scanner
ü Walkie-talkie
ü Compass
ü Laptops
ü Surveillance camera
ü White Noise Generator
ü 2 people for carrying all the equipment.

Here is a list of some do’s and don’ts:

Some Don’ts:

Never go out alone on the hunt. Its common sense that in case you get hurt or (gulp) "occupied” you need someone to get help.

Don’t put the film in the camera until you spot a ghost. When you do spot one, take at lest twenty minutes to load your camera. You see, ghosts are jobless and hence have got all the time till you finish playing with your stuff.

Take photos while driving or a stampede and guess what? You’ve got a photo of an orb. Another method is to make sure nobody is looking and take a photo while facing the sun to get a cool light orb.

Don’t jump just to conclusions. Use your common sense.

Some Do’s:

Please go into the graveyards/haunted house without the owners permission. There no quicker way than trespassing to get your ass in jail.

Be chicken hearted and let out a blood-curdling scream whenever the wind blows or a twig touches your foot.

Put on a truckload of cologne so that you freak out people and the spirits.

Smoke at least a pocketful of cigars. Your team-mates will take it for ectoplasm and voila! you have got a ghost on film!

Be polite, ask the ghost before taking his photograph.

Be safe and Happy Hunting!
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