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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Ever wonder about your guardian angels? Howard Wimer is a guy who not only knows about his guardian angels, but he can teach you how to get more in touch with your guardian angels as well!

When I was 23 years old I discovered that I had a whole team of spiritual helpers working with me. I was not a particularly religious person and never really thought about “guardian angels” helping me and guiding me through life.What I realized was that everyone has a team of these “spiritual guides” that they can tap into, on moment’s notice, and get creative inspiration.

Because I had invested over 10 years of my life learning music and had become somewhat of a jazz musician, creativity was very important to me. It was my whole life.I had attended a lecture and a seminar where a group of people there said that I could have a direct two-way communication with my guides or “angels.” Even though this was foreign to me at the time, I was open.

Then they showed me.

It was so simple that I went home and made out a list of thirty questions to ask my personal “angels” – and they answered every single one of them!I started using them right away. By that time, I had drifted away from music and had started a career in film and video in Dallas, Texas. Every time someone would come in to edit a marketing or educational film, I would tap into this inspiration – and come up with the perfect ideas.

One time, a man came to the door who wanted to produce and edit a highlight film for the Dallas Tornado Soccer Club, a franchise owned by Lamar Hunt, an oil millionaire in Texas. After about three days, he overheard a conversation I was having with a friend about working with my “metaphysical abilities,” and asked me what it was all about. At that time, telling people about this whole idea of having spiritual guidance that I could communicate with directly was not on my agenda.Even so, he pressed me about it – and I gave in.

I turned him on to one of the individuals that had shown me how to do it. When he didn’t show up for three days, I decided to call him at home and find out if there was a problem. What he said was, “I had so many things to ask my angels, I totally lost track of time!” I couldn’t believe it.After that, we worked so closely with our angels – getting this inspiration every day – everything fell into place.

Since it was a sports film and was to be shown at the National Managers Convention in San Francisco, we cut the highlights – and he proceeded to write the narration for the background color. When we laid in the narration track, it fit perfectly. We didn’t have to cut one single frame! What an amazing experience. Anyone who has ever been a film or video editor knows that it is virtually impossible for someone to write copy that fits perfectly into a 30-minute project. But it happened.

After about a year and a half, I was having more fun working with this new-found communication with my personal team that I decided to go on a full-time lecture tour. Since then, I have visited and lectured in thirteen countries over the last 30 years. I’ve never looked back, although I did make a couple of pit stops along the way.

In 1979, I decided to take some time off from touring around the country – and headed for Los Angeles. When I hit Phoenix, I told my “angels” that I wanted to work with the best people in Hollywood. I didn’t know if this was something I would do as my final career, but I just couldn’t get the idea of producing and writing out of my system – at least at that point in my life.When I arrived in Los Angeles, I got an inspiration. I said to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great to work with someone like Steve Allen…and then I could do some of these lectures on the side whenever I want.” The next day, as I was navigating down the 405, I had a feeling to get off at Sepulveda Boulevard. This took me to Burbank Boulevard in Van Nuys and as I was heading down the street, I got this incredible feeling to stop. I couldn’t have gone any further if I had wanted to. I knew that if I stayed where I was, someone was going to ram the back of my car, so I turned left and found myself in a parking lot next to a two-story building. I looked up – and saw the words “Steve Allen” in front of an empty parking space.

I had met Steve and Jayne several years earlier when I was in high school on a visit to California briefly since a friend of my father’s had worked with him for many years. But I had never been to his office. When I got out of my car, two women were walking up the stairway into the second floor of the building. As I followed them up, not really knowing if I was heading in the right direction or not, I started to realize that this was indeed Steve Allen’s office!At the top of the stairs, a lady came up to me and asked if she could help me. I said, rather curiously, “My name is Howard Wimer…and I was wondering if there might be an opportunity to work here.” She looked at me for a moment and then said, “Why don’t you go into the music room. I’ll join you in a minute.”

Reality started to set in. Five minutes before, I had been traveling down the San Diego Freeway.True to her word, she showed up and found me sitting at the piano and staring at all of the pictures on the wall and the file drawers where “Steverino” stored all of the “lead sheets” for the 4000 songs he had written up to that time. She again looked at me strangely and said, “By the way, how did you know that there was a gentleman here who turned in his two-week notice three hours ago?” At that point, I realized that my angels were working overtime. I said, “Really?”

Over the next few minutes, I showed her my resume and sensing that I was definitely over-qualified for the job that this young man had left to go back to school, she proceeded to try to talk me out of applying for the position. “You really don’t want this job,” she said. “You would be working in the office – and you have more of a production background.” All the time she was telling me this, I could hear one of my angels clairaudiently in my head say, “Take it…just take it!”

I finally convinced her that I was serious and that the hourly wage really didn’t bother me, since I had just arrived in LA the night before and I needed something to “tide me over.” Of course, I knew that this would be a great opportunity to get to know other people and to learn as much as I could from Steve himself.

As a result, I stayed in the position for nine months. At that point, I decided that my true desire was to share with others how beautiful life can be – by learning how to have this two-way communication. I wrote a note to Steve and he graciously accepted the fact that I was going to head out and make my own way. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t long after that I was lecturing and giving seminars in Europe.

Since then, I have shown thousands of people all over the world how to tap into this inspiration. To me, this is total spiritual freedom. It means that no matter what I do or where I go, I always have a spiritual “life-line” that I can ask questions – and get direct answers.

Some people think that guardian angels are a fairy tale or that it is some sort of religious doctrine. In reality, everyone on planet earth has at least one or two spiritual helpers working with them to guide them and help them with their life purpose.Every time you feel a “chill” or “goose-bumps,” your spiritual guides are near you. They are pure soul or spirit. This is why you feel this spiritual energy around you when they come close to you. As a matter of fact, even Clive Davis of J Records recently said that the way he knows whether to sign a new artist is if he feels that chill down his spine. He just “knows” that it will work.

By listening to our inner hunches, visions, ideas and feelings, we will always be in the right place at the right time. It’s when we don’t listen that we find ourselves out in left field. By using your sensitivity to the maximum and realizing that it is not just a passing thought, you can start to unfold a solid relationship with your personal team of angels.

For people who would like to go deeper, Inner Expansion sponsors seminars and workshops to show you how to get into a positive two-way communication with these helpers. Once you experience one of these sessions, you will never go back to wondering where your creative inspiration comes from.

I guarantee it.

Howard Wimer is the founder of Inner Expansion Workshops. He has been involved in the personal growth field for 30 years and has given lectures and workshops in thirteen countries, including the United States, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

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