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Healing Stone Meanings

The sparkle of gems and semi-precious stones has had the same kind of magnetic appeal to humans, as strands of shiny tinsel to a nesting crow for the past few millennia! Yet the hidden power of crystals is just starting to be understood by scientists, as the technology of healing continues to leapfrog into the future.

Many of the treatments the west found laughable just a few short decades ago like chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy have become almost mainstream now; not to mention those who practiced these healing arts were once looked upon as quacks and charlatans pushing “ snake oil” onto the sick and gullible. It’s only recently that these alternative-healing methods have even been covered by some of the more “hip” insurance company’s.

Alternative healing has finally come of age and has become big business! Millions upon millions of dollars are spent in the personal pursuit of glowing health through non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatments. I bring this up to illuminate the fact that where the money goes so goes big business, and with big business the grants go flying towards more scientific study, after all big biz loves a good and “legitimately” scientific testimonial!

The gap has narrowed a bit between science and alternative healing, and everyday people are demanding more and more in the way of natural healing alternatives, due in part perhaps to the rising costs of health care and medical insurance, an ounce of prevention being worth at least a pound of doctor bills!

We’ve come a long way since Quartz mysteriously powered Seiko’s wristwatches in the sixties, and the writers of Sci-fi have long taken advantage of the massive appeal of these earthbound stars; Kyptonite was Superman’s super power suppressant, and Star Trekie’s would boldly be going nowhere without their precious Dilithium!

And now, as if to throw legitimacy off the scent of science, we have purple clad new age gurus spouting about the healing metaphysical properties of crystals and minerals! Such nonsense!

Or is it?

Many ancient cultures such as Egyptian, Native American, Mayan, Hebrew, and the predecessor to Hinduism, Vedic used healing crystal and minerals for spiritual, magical and healing ceremonies. They believed in the powerful healing properties contained within these gorgeous sparkling stones.

But if your like many folk, and you’ve found that much of the “New Age” culture is just a bit too…well…you know… too; or perhaps you have a morbid fear of purple bliss ninnies, yet you still have a genuine curiosity about the healing properties of crystals and minerals, then by all means read on. I promise not to get too airy-fairy on you, and you may find some of this stuff interesting!

Science and the Crystal

Piezoelectricity is the electricity or polarity induced in certain crystals, such as quartz, by mechanical stress. Piezo from the Greek word piezein which means squeeze as in compress; and electricity which is the physical phenomena arising from the attraction of particles with opposite charges and the repulsion of particles with the same charge as in unplug the toaster before going after a stuck pop-tart with a butter knife dummy!

Piezoelectricity is used in the production of many things like clocks, BBQ-lighters, microphones and there are even piezoelectric strips embedded in some roads that work in conjunction with highway enforcement cameras capturing speeders (say cheese) as they wiz by!

But prove the validity of this principle yourself (it’s kinda fun), first get a couple of quartz crystals, preferably with flat surfaces, and go to a completely dark place, strike the two stones together in a sliding motion and note the blue sparks! This is piezoelectricity.

This is the same principle used by crystal healers who will periodically squeeze the crystals when working with them to increase the energy output.

More Greek, pyro- meaning fire or heat and alludes to an electrified state resulting from changes in temperature. The effect was first discovered in ionic minerals such as quartz and tourmaline and the same effect can also be found in bones and tendons.

Many motion detector sensors are designed with pyroelectric materials and since very small changes in temperature can produce electric potential they can be triggered by the heat emanating off a human or animal from several feet away.

All pyroelectric materials are also piezoelectric as the two properties are closely related.

And So…
We know that crystals emit energy and this energy is used for many modern day doo-hickeys that we take for granted every day, but what about how it effects a healing on a person. It is believed by many healers that the energy vibrations of the different stones can be aimed or concentrated at an ailment in the body mind or spirit, rather like a tuning fork to put organic and spiritual vibrations back in balance.

In others, by using a targeted energy force that emanates from certain crystals to infuse the biometric sheath or aura of a person or other sentient being, which in turn commingles with corresponding whirling *chakram in order to attain a sort of metaphysical tune up through vibrational likeness!

Could it really be that simple? Sure, why not? If nothing else it creates a lovely cosmic soup if anyone should get hungry for mineral stew; after all there are hundreds of crystals and charkas to choose from, so finding a shortcut on how to apply them to your life is, as Martha Stewart so succinctly puts it “a good thing”.

Crystal healing stone meanings are not difficult to learn and a much can be learned by taking any one of several online crystal training courses for healing with gemstones, or many numerous other metaphysical correspondence courses and classes on new age religion for beginners (you can take all kinds of paranormal classes online). Or to find an offline course in your area try your local new age bookstore, yoga or health food store bulletin boards. You can even buy a “ready made” chakra healing and balancing set with carved stones and a carry bag at most new age stores, they come with instructions on how to use them properly and are perfect for the beginner.

You will find that crystals often (but not always) share many of the same purported color relevance that aura’s and charkas have; this makes sense when deeming the energy qualities for all three subjects (crystals, auras and charkas) as they relate to each other’s metaphysical vibrations.

*Chakram/Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. It is in reference to the whirling vortex systems that have been seen by yogis and clairvoyants. They are said to make up the living energy centers of our consciousness

Aura Colors and Meanings
I often go to the local bio-energy *Aura Meter Reader (about once a month) to get the latest map of my aura and charkas colors and I am always surprised to see the accuracy of the meanings attributed to the colors in both my aura and charkas and how they pertain to my health, character and temperament. These gadgets are a lot of fun to work with and may help you gain a better understanding of who you are and what your issues might be.

There are far too many color and shade variations for the aura to put them all here, and there are already numerous good books on the subject; but here are some of the basics.

DEEP-RED: Driven, physically active, hardworking, action oriented, powerful, realistic, vitality, grounded, strength of character, staying power, explorer.

RED: Energy, excitement, competition, go getter, leader, achiever, courage, will power, sexual energy, entrepreneurial spirit.

ORANGE: Productive, enjoyment, challenging, business goals, positive, active, excitement, physical expression, creative, adventurer.

YELLOW- BROWN: Intellectual, detail oriented, logically structured thoughts, security, science, honest, perfectionist.

YELLOW: Sunny, warm and generous, creative, fun-loving, childlike, charming, learning, entertaining, radiates optimism, easy to be with.

GREEN: Natural healer, social, loves nature and animals, content, harmonious, teacher, love of communicating, always the perfect host, empathetic, good friend, generous to a fault, truly cares about others well being.

DEEP-GREEN: Ambitious and goal oriented, quick witted and minded, material wealth and luxury, communicative, leadership qualities, responsibility, great organizer, driving force, long term planner.

BLUE: Very sensitive, loving and sweet, nurturing, helpful, loyal, compassionate, peaceful, desire to be of service and to help support others, care giver.

INDIGO: Seeker of higher truth, introverted, clarity, calm, deep inner feelings, love, inner knowing, authenticity, high, sense of inner values, artistic.

VIOLET: Intuitive, visionaries, innovative, artistic, charismatic, idealistic, magical, inventive, sensual, walks to the beat of their own drum, likes to deal in possibilities.

LAVENDER: Mystical, etheric, daydreamer, unrealistic, rich fantasy life, artistic, creative, fragile both physically and emotionally, sensitive, the true space cadets.

WHITE: Enlightened, transcended, transformation, spiritual healing, sensitive, living in higher dimensions, strong spiritual connections. Has been seen around people who are about to die.

* Aura Meter: Bio-energy computer program that attunes to a persons aura by way of finger-tips resting on metal grounding pads.

The Best Way To Choose Crystals, Let Them Choose You
That’s right let them choose you. I’ll explain, when you go crystal shopping at the crystal and mineral store (or any new age outlet that sells them) take your time perusing the selection and pay close attention to the ones that catch your attention. The vibrations of the stones that are right for you will resonate with your own energy, and you will feel naturally drawn to them.

Once a gem type has picked you, go ahead and hold it in the palm of your hand, fondle it for a bit (gently now, no funny business) consider how it makes you feels. Handle a few of them and ask yourself which one most wants to come home with you tonight (nudge, nudge). Don’t spend any time second-guessing yourself with stones. If it feels right, it is right!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money buying dozens of crystals for your collection. If you let them pick you, as you need them instead of going in there with a list of the ones you don’t yet have, you can build a powerful customized collection of the few that you really need.

If you’ve found a crystal outlet online that you want to use this is not a problem. Peruse the pictures until you find the ones you feel attracted to. You won’t be able to fondle them but you can send your energy to the outlet and they will intuitively put the right ones the box for shipping…Really!

Remember To Cleanse Your Crystals
Before you use your pretty little pebbles for healing or energy work, you’ll need to cleanse them first. There are a few different ways in which to do this.

Sea or rock salt: Place crystal (especially good for *friable) in container with enough salt to cover over night. Be careful to gently brush all of the sand off of you more delicate stones.

Running water: Let water run over stones for a few minutes with the intention of washing away all negative energy (not recommended for delicate friable stones).

Salt water: Let sit in a bowl of salt water for a few minutes

Sea Shore: Take your crystals to the ocean and let a small wave pass over them for a powerful cleanse and recharge; it’s a good idea to put your stones in a netted bag and hold on tight so as not to lose them to Davey Jones locker, he has enough treasure down there.

Smudge: Pass crystal through smudge smoke.

Candlelight: Pass crystal through the light of a candle while thinking good cleansing thoughts.

Other crystals: Carnilian kept with your tumbled stones will keep them clean at all times or you can place a small stone on top of a Quartz cluster overnight to cleanse it.

Recharge their battery: Put fade resistant stones in sunlight for a few hours, and moonlight does the trick for your sun shy crystals.

*Friable: Those stones easy to crumble or dissolve such as halite, hanksite or other salt related crystals.

Crystal Programming
So, now that you've chosen your crystals and cleansed them of foreign energy it’s time to program them to suit yourself.

Hold the crystal in the palm of your hand and visualize it surrounded by light.
Ask yourself what healing purpose this stone is to be used for and focus that purpose onto the crystal.

Healing Your Chakra’s With Gems
Some people wear their of choice as jewelry. Some carry them in their pocket or put them under their pillow at night, and still others go to a healer who formulates a stratagem for the placement of stones on the “patient” in a treatment. Some never leave home without em’ and some always have some on display keeping the home energies positive and cleansed of negativity.

Here’s an abbreviated chart of ten charkas and a few of their corresponding therapeutic crystals.

Earth Chakra (just below your feet)
Color: Brown
Gems: Fire Agate, Brown jasper,

1st Base/Root Chakra
Survival instinct, security
Element: EarthColor: Red, brown, black or gray Gems: Garnet, Onyx, Red Jasper

2nd Sacral Chakra
Function: Creativity, Emotion, Sexual energy.
Element: WaterColor: Orange Gems: Carnilian, Orange Zincite

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra
Function: Cognitive function, Career/work, Power, Control.
Element: FireColor: Yellow Gems: Yellow Sapphire, Citrine4th Heart Chakra
Function: Love, Devotion, Compassion, Empathy, Healing.
Element: Air Color: Green. Gems: Rose Quartz, Green Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Variscite

Higher heart Chakra (just above your heart)
Color: Pink
Gems: Dioptase, Kunzite

5th Throat Chakra
Function: Communication, Speech, Self expression
Element: LifeColor: Light blue or turquoise. Gems: Azurite,Turquoise, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz

6th Brow/Third eye Chakra
Funtion: Intuition, Esp.
Element: TimeColor: Dark blue. Gems: Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Obsidian, Herkimer Diamond

7th Crown Chakra
Function: Connection to the divine.
Element: SpaceColor: Purple, violet, lavender, white or clear. Gems: Purple Jasper, Moldavite, Clear Tourmaline, Quartz, Purple Sapphire

Higher Crown Chakra (just above your head)
Color: Clear
Gems: Kunzite, Beryl, Muscovite, Apophyllite

Healing Your Body
Ok, so now that you’re an expert on crystal Chakra healing it’s time to take a look at organs and their corresponding crystals for physical healing (surely you were expecting this). Just so you know, this is a short list of the organs and the crystals that are used therapeutically. If you are interested in learning more I will have some recommended books, readings and links for you to check out later.

Brain: Amber, Beryl, Green Tourmaline
Ear: Celestite, Rhodonite
Eyes: Cats Eye, Aquamarine, Saphire
Teeth: Fluorite, Rutilated Quartz
Lungs: Beryl, Peridot, Emerald
Stomach: Beryl, Fire Agate, Green Fluorite
Skin: Azurite, Brown Jasper
Arms: Malachite, Jadeite
Hands: Moldavite, Aquamarine
Feet: Onyx, Smokey Quartz
Knees: Azurite, Brown & Green Jasper
Nervous System: Amber, Green jade,
Throat: Aquamarine, Beryl, Amber, Amethist
Heart: Rose Quartz, Garnet, Rhodonite
Liver: Beryl, Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Kidneys: Bloodstone, Citrine, Rose Quartz
Spine: Tourmaline, Beryl, Garnet
Prostate: Chrysopase
Testes: Carnilian, Jadeite, Topaz
Fallopian Tubes: Chrysoprase
Female Reproductive System: Carnelian, Topaz, Moonstone

I’ve learned a lot about crystal healing from several different natural healers I’ve gone to through the years for one malady or another, but mostly through a lot of personal experimentation on myself, my animals and my friends (or victims as they prefer to be called).

Be creative and use your own intuition to guide you on how to best be served by your stones!

And now for the actual crystal meanings
Ever mindful that there are hundreds of different therapeutic stones and crystals, I’m abbreviating it to the few that I have mentioned, and a short version of their healing properties. I could write a very large book about multi faceted principles of each and every crystal, stone, and mineral if I had it within me to bore you with all the groovy details; fortunately for you I have ADD and the likelihood of that ever happening is nil.

Agate: To bring about abundance, provides pain relief. Overcomes negativity, calms and grounds an emotional situation. Stabilizes and centers the aura.
Blue Lace: Brings about peace of mind, and assists with opening lines of communication. Releases feelings of rejection or being judged. Heals fractures.
Fire: Security and safety. Strong grounding powers, supports difficult emotional times, protects against ill wishers. Reduces hot flashes, prevents energy burnout.

Amber: Stimulates the intellect and is a powerful chakra cleanser. Imbues body with energy and vitality and draws away disease.

Amethyst: A natural tranquilizer and blocker of negative environmental energies. Facilitates in clearing the mind of the mundane so as to gain a deeply meditative state. Boosts hormone production. Strengthens the immune system and cleanses the blood. Especially beneficial for addicts, it aids in calming their cravings.

Apophyllite: Creates a conscience connection between the spiritual and physical realms. I astral travel it keeps the physical connection strong. Stimulates intuition and promotes introspection. Releases suppressed emotions of anxiety and fear. Used often in Reiki healing for its deeply calming effect.

Aquamarine: Known as the stone of courage, its calming energy allows for personal bravery as it quiets the mind and reduces stress. Overcomes judgmental nature and helps create tolerance for others. Clears blocked communication. Opens clairvoyance. Good for hay fever, sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid problems.

Azurite: Psychic development and enlightenment. Stimulates the third eye and creates a channel for spiritual guidance. Assists in astral travel mind expansion and brings clear understanding. Good for throat problems, arthritis and brain damage.

Beryl: Sheds unnecessary baggage and clears the path for the essentials. Helps actualize ones full potential. Aides in bodily waste elimination and supports the liver. Heals concussions.

Bloodstone: Blood and energy cleanser. Stimulates dreaming, keeps out undesirable influences and keeps you emotionally grounded. Stimulates the lymphatic system and detoxifies the liver.

Blue Obsidian: Aides in astral travel and enhances PSI. Supports communication. Pain reliever. Treats Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia and personality disorders.

Carnilian: Grounds and encourages you to be in the present, restores vitality and motivation, stimulates creativity, and has the ability to cleanse other stones. Improves analytical ability sharpens concentration protects against envy, and rage. Quells anger and resentment. Dispels negative energy and replaces it with love. Stimulates the metabolism, increases fertility and helps overcome impotence and frigidity. Heals rheumatism arthritis, depression and the aides absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Celestite: Channels angelic realms and creates peace. Increases spiritual development and enlightenment. Attracts good fortune and love. Heals the aura and brings balance and alignment. Dissolves pain.

Chrysoprase: Induces deep meditative states and promotes personal insights. Encourages personal and business loyalties. Calming and non egotistical, creates openness to new situations. Heals codependents supports independence, encourages commitment. Good for relaxation and peaceful sleep, enhances fertility reverses infertility, reduces claustrophobia nightmares.

Citrine: Powerful cleanser and regenerator. Energizes every level of life. Aura protector. Early warning system. Brings about abundance attracts wealth happiness and generosity. Reverses degenerative disease, stimulates digestion and balances hormones.

Dioptase: Powerful healer for the heart else reached the highest levels of consciousness. Facilitates living in the moment activates past life memories, promotes a positive attitude. Regulate cell disorders, activates T cells, eases high blood pressure alleviates migraines, heals heart conditions. Detoxifier that supports overcoming addictions.

Fluorite: Draws off negative energy, fights infections, diffuses electromagnetic smog from computers & TV’s etc.

Garnet: Strengthens survival instinct and brings about courage in a time of trauma. Regenerates the body and stimulates metabolism.

Herkimer Diamond: Energizes and promotes creativity, relieves insomnia, detoxifies, protects against radioactivity, promotes past life memories. Leads you to your soul's purpose promotes past life recall of injuries or disease that if that may still be affecting the present-day life. Eliminate stress and tension through gentle release.

Jade: Symbolizes wisdom, purity and serenity. Increases love and nurturing, keeps the wearer from harm, attracts good luck and friendship. Releases negative thoughts, stimulates ideas, simplifies complex tasks. Aides and bodies filtration treats kidneys and the three local and removes toxins, assists in fertility.

Jasper: Known as the supreme nurturer. Supports during times of stress and brings tranquility. Brings about the golden rule. Aligns the chakras and facilitates dream recall. Absorbs negative energy. Aides dowsing.
Brown: brings stability and balance facilitates deep meditation, past life regression, karmic causes. Earth awareness. Facilitates in quitting smoking.
Green: Releases obsessions that rule your life to the detriment of others. Treats skin disorders.

Kunzite: Does not hold negativity, so it never requires cleansing. Facilitates meditation, tranquilizers stimulate psychic abilities and intuition. Promotes connection to spiritual guides promotes healing through dreams. Encourages self-expression and communication cuts through ignorance, encourages speaking one's truth, cutting through fears and blockages increases logical of linear thought. Natural pain reliever lowers blood pressure, facilitates healing of infections balances yin yang energy.

Lapis Lazuli: Opens the third eye and balances the throat chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and facilitating spiritual journeys. Releases stress brings deep peace. Contacts spirit guides, blocks psychic attacks, and returns bad energy to the source. Encourages taking charge of your life reveals inner truth and self-awareness releases blocked communication skills. Promotes honesty and compassion. Alleviates migraine headaches, helps overcome depression and insomnia, and lowers blood pressure.

Malachite: Handle with caution, it is toxic and should only use in its polished form. Enhances intuition and insight encourages the expression of true self. Facilitates empathy and teaches how to take responsibility for one's actions. Enhances immune system, called the midwife stone it facilitates childbirth and treats sexual disease.

Moldavite: Puts you in touch with ascended masters, help in communicating with higher self. Will enhance effect of other crystals, taking them to their highest energy vibrations.

Moonstone: Promotes empathy and intuition and has a calming effect, brings about lucid dreaming and psychic ability. Helps with insomnia and reproductive systems.

Muscovite: Facilitates astral travel and psychic visions, connects to the angelic. Promotes problem solving and quick wittedness. Balances pancreatic secretions, and the helps control blood sugar.

Onyx: Give strength, clarifies confusion, centers your energy, promotes steadfastness and stamina, heals old grief and sorrows. Lends wisdom in keeping your own good council. Beneficial for feet, blood disorders, bone marrow, teeth and bones. Holds onto the energies of whoever has held or worn it.

Orange Zincite: Reenergizes depleted energy systems and removes old energy blocks. Attracts abundance. Stimulates creativity in fertility enhances gut instincts. Instills confidence, releases shock and trauma from painful memories and kicks your lazy butt out of procrastinating. Beneficial for menopause, and gives a boost to the immune system. Improves hair and skin.

Peridot: A powerful toxin cleanser opens up and activates the solar plexus and heart charkas to relieve old baggage. Balances bipolar disorders and helps overcome hypochondria.

Purple Jasper: The ultimate nurturer it reminds people to help one another. Grounds energies, absorbs negative energy and balances the lines physical, emotional and mental self with the Spiritual realm. Encourages honesty with yourself eight and quick thinking and organizational abilities, promotes follow-through. Balances mineral content in the body but wont over stimulate the body.
Red: Placed under the pillow it helps dream recall assists and rebirthing lenses and stabilizes the aura strengthens your boundaries, provides insights into difficult situations and stops problems from getting overblown.

Rhodonite: Balances the emotion of love creates a nurturing environment or humanity. Can see both sides of an issue. Aides in achieving one's highest potential, heals emotional shock and panic. Dissuades abuse, self-destruction and codependency.

Quartz: The most powerful energy amplifier there is, it is the master healer and can be used alone or in conjunction with other crystals (and makes a terrific wrist watch battery).
Rose: Unconditional love. Purifies and opens the heart. Strengthens the heart and circulatory system.
Rutilated: Illuminates the soul. Cleanses and energizes the aura.
Smokey: For grounding and anchoring. Absorbs electromagnetic smog. Promotes positive thinking. Alleviates headaches.

Sapphire: Known as the wisdom stone it calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts and frustration. Encourages peace and serenity and in doing so relieves depression and spiritual confusion.
Black: Centers the self and gives confidence to your intuition. Creates job prospects.
Blue: Spiritual truth, love and purity. Keeps you on a spiritual path. Helps you speak your truth.
Purple: Brings about prosperity and attracts abundance. Is helpful for meditation, stimulates visionary qualities and psychic abilities.
Yellow: Stimulates intellect and mental focus, draws wealth to the home.

Sodalite: Brings together the world of logic and intuition and urges you towards both your personal truth and idealism. Releases guilt, phobias and control issues that hold you back. Allows for non-judging of darker qualities. Cools fevers and cleanses the lymphatic system.

Tigers eye: Draws a spiritual energies to the earth, enhances psychic abilities, shows correct use of power. Protects against ill wishers and curses. Results internal conflicts, enhances practical perceptions heals issues of self-worth. Heals mental disease and personality disorders. Repairs broken bones, treats eyes, aides night vision.

Topaz: Empathetic and soothing with a mellow energy that gently recharges where ever it is need most. Brings about trust in a higher power. Aids digestion and combats anorexia.

Tourmaline: Transforms intense heavy energy into a diffused and lighter form. Grounds spiritual energy and forms a protective shield around your body. Brings inspiration and tolerance, dispels feelings of victimization.
Green: Excellent all-purpose healer. Assists visualization promotes compassion and tenderness. Facilitates healing sick plants and the study of plants and herbs. Quite the mind aid and insomnia treats eyes, immune system facilitates weight-loss.

Variscite: Hope, courage and feelings of encouragement for invalids and the very ill. Aide’s caregivers in dealing with the energies required for caring for the ill or infirm. Restores depleted energy reserves and calms your nerves. Place one under your pillow at night and it will promote a restful sleep. Helps male impotence.

Crystals are not merely useful for their curative effects on the ill or injured, they’re great for healthy people too. They can be used to balance and rejuvenate energy after a long hard day at work and can even help sooth a broken heart.

They can be a powerful addition to your natural healing medicine cabinet, as crystals will aid and support all other natural healing remedies. I use them most often for help in meditation, psychic development, especially assisting in astral travel and spiritual communication…Really!

Making a Gem Elixir for a Soothing or Invigorating Bath
What you’ll need:
Glass bowl
Spring water
Non-friable crystal preferably tumbled
Amber colored bottle with cap.

Place crystal in the bowl and pour the spring water over it. Leave in sunlight for twelve hours. Bottle it and store in dark cool place. To keep it for a period of time longer than a week add 50% Brandy to the bottle as a preservative...Really!

Magic Crystal Wands, Jewelry, and Decoration
You can find many lovely crystal objects d’ art with which to adorn both your body and home. They’re not only fantastically beautiful, but holistically functional as well (a winning combination to be sure)! Here is a link to one of my favorite places to shop for crystal ornaments and jewelry there are even some stunning crystal wands that I am especially fond of!

This is also a great place to get one of those “ready made” chakra healing and balancing sets for beginners; each pouch comes with an instruction card and these stones!
1st: Root - Garnet or Apache Tear

2nd: Navel - Carnelian or Golstone

3rd: Solar - Citrine or Tiger Eye

4th: Heart - Aventurine

5th: Throat - Blue Lace Agate

6th: Third Eye - Sodalite

7th: Crown - Amethyst

Psst! A little birdie told me they are all on sale this season!

For all of your metaphysical gift shopping needs, visit my friend Jen at the Goddess Gift Shop Amulets, Earrings, Pendants, Wands and much more!


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Cool blog you have. Did you know that at guy named Royal Rife figured out that every species of virus resonates at a specific frequency back in the 1930's. He also figured out how to shatter them like an opera singer can shatter a glass with the right note. He did it with electronic frequencies.

Spooks said...

Hi Edward, no I didn't know that, how fascinating! Now I have to look him up and do some research on him. Thanks for the info...

margaret said...

My nephew does Reiki and for Yule I'd like to get him a Calcite sphere but I don't see it listed...does calcite not have a place in Reiki?
Thank you.

Ginger Gargoyle said...

My nephew does Reiki and for Yule I'd like to get him a Calcite sphere but I don't see its properties/uses/meaning on your page. Doesn't Calcite have a place in Reiki? If so, then what is its purpose?
Thank You

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I wish I had found this before purchasing my minerals. I did though give myself a little bit of time to 'fondle' them.

Thank you for such a detailed and informative run down of minerals 101. I hope you don't mind if I put you down as a reference in my blog.

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Hi Ginger, I'm sorry I didn't get back to you in time for Yule I've been on a long sabatical.

But yes, a calcite sphere is an excelent choice for one who practices the healing art of Reiki.

There are several different kinds of calcite and they each have their own unique properties.

Clear: Known as the the "cure all" is a detoxifier and an atiseptic. It is also used for deep soul clearing or healing.
Black: The record Keeper. Used for regaining memories especially of trauma so one can release them and move on.

Green: Restores balance to a troubled or rigid mind. Fantastic for the immune sytem. Also absorbs negative energy. This one glows in the dark so it is a fun one just to have around(I have several).

Blue: Lowers blood pressure and is good for relaxation.

Rhomboid: Heals the past and quiets the mind.

Red: Increases energy.

Orange: Good for balancing out emotions, great for easing depression.

Pink: Releases grief and quiets fears. helps one to accept and love themselves.

Gold: Expands mental clarity and alertness. Great for students studying for a final.