Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Balance of Mind Body And Spirit: Part 3, Spirit

The spiritual growth development process begins with taking responsibility for clearing our own path:

The vampire
So who were these tick like creatures I’d collected traipsing through the darker footpaths of my life. Perhaps, a better question would be “what were these tick like creatures” and why hadn’t I tweezed their engorged butts out earlier?

The “who and what” is simple ...Vampire's! Yes, vampires, although not the sexy Hollywood version with the blood drenched sharp pointy teeth and black cape skulking through the shadows and striking terror in the hearts of poor ignorant villagers while seducing hapless sex pots when there lovers aren't looking; no, and far from it! These vampires don’t suck the life’s blood from a person, although after an encounter with one you may feel that way.

No, their favorite anytime snack is * bio-electric energy, and if you’ve ever known or been in the presence of someone who left you feeling drained, stressed, confused or just plain “slimed” after every run in, you know who and what I’m talking about. !

Energy vampire also known as PSI vampire phenomena has been scientifically studied and documented using electro-photography, these pictures honestly creeped me out and made the hair on my knuckles stand up!

Remember the ancient idiom “neither cast ye pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet” this is a good one to remember before offering up your valuable time and skills to just anybody, although learning to tell the swine from the refined is not always an easy task, and most people with the best of intentions fall prey at least once in their lifetime to the false lure of the boar in victim’s clothing.

They come in several different guises all with their own red flags or mantras:

The babbler: Never shuts up and won’t let you get a word in edgewise. Mantra: "Wait, wait let me tell you one more thing…"

The whiner: Always miserable about anything, delights in finding negative in everything. Mantra: "But don’t you think?"

The sycophant: Constantly praising you into doing their bidding. Mantra: "You’re sooo good!"

The baby Jane: Needs to be the center of attention. Mantra: "I and me..."
The blamer: Never takes responsibility for anything and deflects blame onto others. Mantra: I didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t."

The guilt tripper: or living martyr: Pack your bags you're going on a guilt trip! Mantra: "If you'd only… Or: You always do these things to me…"

The victim: Terminally in a bad relationship or job, or some stupid drama, or… of whaaa!!! Mantra: Why me?

The thing that wouldn’t go away: Anyone out there old enough to remember John Belushi in the original Saturday Night Live horror parody skit should get a chuckle out of this title; but anyone who's ever lived through the frustration of having one of these help yourself to my life sort of parasites will take it with a grain of pain. Mantra: "So what are we doing later?"

The Time Bandit: Or as Pisces Iscariot master poet of The Far Queue calls them "Time Eaters" which he descibes very succinctly as "The ones that stop by and tell stories in infinite detail about absolutely nothing. By the time you finally get rid of them you have lost hours of your life and are running late."
Ah yes, those awful burblers of babble and brou·ha·ha, spinning incessantly insipid tales of nothingness. The late great designer/photographer/writer **Sir Cecil Beaton probably said it best "Perhaps the world's second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore. " Mantra: Blah, blah, blah, blah....

Swimming with sharks is a dangerous sport, and those who do so in real life take precautions, respect their quarry and accept the dangers. In other words they know what they're doing and if they get bitten they're not overly surprised. Engaging vampires can be just as deadly but most don't recognize that their being bled dry until it is too late. Some require a major life change (like myself) to finally spot the red flags just off the shore break indicating “Dangerous Waters! Stay Out!” that were flapping with gusto all along!

Professor Emeritus of psychology Joseph H. Slate PH.D at Athens State University in Alabama and founder of the International Parapsychology Research Foundation has made an extensive study of the human aura, and in so doing came across this phenomenon and has written a terrific book called: “Psychic Vampires: Protection from Energy Predators & Parasites” In which he states: “Psychic vampirism is a widespread yet often unrecognized human energy phenomenon that can interrupt our growth and impede our progress. As already noted, it exists in a variety of forms, each of which subtly consumes its victim’s energy and over the long haul, erodes the energy system itself. Although no known force can totally destroy the human energy system because of its cosmic makeup, psychic vampirism can impair its functions and seriously damage its capacity to energize growth.”

He is not alone in his finding’s there are several unconnected studies that have been conducted on this, and many good books have been written on the subject that I will be happy to recommend later on...

*Bio-electric energy: The electric current generated by living tissue also know as Aura energy, Orgone energy, or “The force” if you’re a Star Wars nut.

**Cecil Beaton on boredom: And he oughta know, having spent the whole of his life helping to create beauty and excitment with the worlds most fabulous people of his day; after all not many people could claim both Greta Garbo and Gary Cooper amongst their lovers...many could say one or the other, but not both.

Coming soon: Archetypical vampires


Pisces Iscariot said...

Not sure if I buy the scientific explanation (no offence - I'm a sceptic). Nevertheless your conclusions are correct.
The problem with vampires is that, unlike their fictional incarnations, they are blisfully unaware of the fact that they are vampires.
Fundamentally they are either fucked up and/or ignorantly un-self-aware.

Karmyn R said...

A light dawns - I lived with one (sister) my whole life. No wonder...sucking my energy. I get it.

Spooks said...

Pices, although it's true that most are unaware of their parasitical ways, there are many who are aware of this need to feed in them, and are even willing to talk about it. Some are so aware of what they do that they take pains not to "drain" a person to much, some even ask for permission before helping themselves to anothers energy. Still there are the nasty vermin who know but don't give a damn what happens to the person(s) they are draining...Bastardo's!

Pisces Iscariot said...

I sometimes feel that I could be a lot more tolerant of the remainer of the human race if they would just be! I can't handle people who insist that all transactions are some sort of game.
I don't give a shit what you do, how important you are at work, or whether you believe in god...
All I want from people is to see me and let me see you and then we'll proceed to enjoy those things we share - a laugh; a beer etc
Too simplistic maybe?
As I said before - I'm a sceptic - do believe that there are an infinite variety of psychologies though.

Spooks said...

lol,Not at all to simplistic, perfect in fact! I feel the same, this is the main reason I don't much go out anymore, too damn draining and waaaay to much drama for me I'm happy at home with my dogs and cats and the few friends that do understand me...