Friday, September 08, 2006

Vampires, The PLayer...

We’ve all met at least one, that suave guy who’s charm, wit and style seamlessly suck the intended prize into his sticky web of illusions and woe. He does and says all the right things at all the right times, and seems to really understand where your coming from.

He is always attentive and seemingly enrapt by your every word and deed, he’s pouring you a perfectly chilled glass of fume blanc and rubbing your poor aching tootsies while you relax in the fragrant hot bubble bath he has drawn especially for you after your long hard day at the office. Oh, and lets not forget the aromatherapy candles he’s just lit and surrounded the tub with.

All is just bliss, you feel understood and truly loved for the first time in your life… this is the one, this is “Mr. Right” this is your perfect mate and all is connubial bliss… all that is until…until…how can I put this delicately… well, until frankly he’s done with you!

Some will put you on a slow drip and bleed you endlessly, dangling that delicious carrot for as long as you're willing to chase it. Remember, Carrie Fisher's character in “When Harry Met Sally”, the one with the married boyfriend, every other line out of her face was “He's never leaving his wife, is he...I know, I know, he’s never going to leave her” etc… Poor stupid thing, waiting for the impossible dream to be fulfilled like so many others before her. In her case, the fantasy was happily interrupted when her real prince charming (and his wagon wheel coffee table) entered and saved her from using up the best years of her life on this hopeless debacle.

Others come on like a fiery maelstrom, all hot and steamy, and full of verve sweeping you up off your feet, giving you no time to breathe or think about what you're doing; and even if you were to stop long enough to ask yourself “what the hell am I doing?” you're more likely to tell that niggle in the back of your skull, that lovely primitive lizard brain of yours, who’s only job is to warn you of danger to “Bugger off”!

And even though your mother, your best friend and your ex-husband are wagging their index fingers at you and reciting the old maxim “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is to good to be yada, yada, yada.”

Ah, but they just don’t understand the intoxicating passion of his seeming fascination for you, it is all just too much to give up! You're just a junkie for his hot, burning love now, and all you can think about is mainlining this scalding new brand of affection!

But be assured, the faster they come in and sweep you off your feet, the faster they are to dump you hard onto your fragile self esteem! It will feel like someone has stuck their fist through your rib cage, yanked your heart out, tossed it onto the pavement and stomped it flatter then a field mouse struck by a monster truck on the side of the road!

You find yourself reeling and spent, all of your energy drained. Looking in the mirror you wonder who is that sad pallid foam green creature with the drawn out features and sunken eyes frothing at the mouth and babbling an endless stream of disbelief to her self.

“What happened…he loved me…he said he loved me…he begged me to be with him…BEGGED ME…I wasn’t even interested in the beginning…it was a lark…a weird fascination… he had to convince me just to go on the first date for crying out loud…why did he do this to me… how could he be so cold…I gave him everything … all of myself…there is nothing left of me…he took it all…and now that I need someone…he… just… leaves…me… nothing… he took it all… why didn’t I listen to myself…why didn’t I listen to any body?” and on, and on, and so on and so forth.

And, yada, yada, yada…

Well whaaaaa! You’ve been had by one of the most despicable of the villain archetypes, you’ve been bitten by the vampires himself, otherwise known as the parasite archetype, who having done his job well, has left you a mere drained husk of the once vibrant being you once were! Count yourself lucky though…you’re alive.

The parasite archetypes come in a seemingly endless assortment; the effect they have on your life is much the same, but they vary in degrees from merely a nuisance to downright deadly!

Coming soon: The Femme Fatal


Pisces Iscariot said...

Hey Tracy, you mix a mean brew of psychology and gothic mythology.
I've not been on the receiving end of this particular breed, (but I've known a few of them). Have you noticed how empty they ultimately turn out to be - there is nothing about them that has any real depth.
A (onetime) very good friend of mine turned out to be one of these. Even all his famous intellect turned out to be secondhand. On second thoughts, maybee I have been on the receiving end.

Spooks said...

Exactly so, "there is no there... there".

Its almost like they are following a script of some sort, and if this is true they are the ultimate hollow people.

Perhaps this is the crux of their narcissistic "affliction" that leads them to create this glamour of perfection that they can't possibly sustain for any consistant leangth of time?

Is this where the absolute contempt for the lives that they've blithely shattered comes from? Is it just resentment for those who have fallen so deeply for thier "super-persona" when they themselves feel nothing?

Perhaps, I have known a few of these creatures and was even bitten once (or twice). I have warned friends and family members when they were in the spell of one mostly to no avail; I tell them opium would be safer, but they rarely listen until it's to late...

Karmyn R said...

Well written post from somone who has been bitten before!!!

I have been very lucky to have avoided this type of vampire myself!!! Of course - I've had many tears on my shoulder from many girlfriends and sisters who have danced with such a partner!

Spooks said...

Nasty vile bits of nothing arent they?